Katherine Schulz

Pointe Enrichment, Ballet

Katherine is a senior BFA in Dance Science and Human Food  Nutrition at the University of Wyoming. Upon graduation she plans to become a registered dietitian and work with athletes, including dancers to develop healthy lifestyle which optimize performance. Meanwhile, she has participated in many shows and projects both at UW and Casper College, where she received her AA in Dance Performance. Most recently, Katherine performed at the American College Dance Festival Gala in Eugene, Oregon. Katherine also participates in dance outreach and is currently a member of Dance in Unlikely Places, a small touring company based out of Laramie, whose mission is to take concert dance to rural and outdoor areas in Wyoming. Katherine has been a dance educator for eight years and embraces a student-oriented class which honors both the small stories of the student and the larger story of dance tradition. “To teach is more than showing movement; it is about responding and reciprocating a passion for dance with a community,” Katherine says.