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tapAbout Laramie Dance & Arts Center


Started as Laramie Dance Center in 2005, Laramie Dance & Arts Center has undergone an enormous transformation since new owners Levi & Kati Hime purchased the business in summer 2014. Previously a school centered in ballet, the new LD&A is now a school that focuses on a love of the arts. Offering a diverse range of programming, and adding new and diverse programming all the time, LD&A is a place to learn to love, and love to learn, the arts.

The following programs have been added to Laramie Dance & Arts Center since summer 2014:  Snowy Range Music Together, Snowy Range Taekwondo, Barre Fitness, Individual Music Lessons, Japanese Language & Culture

Mission Statement

Providing a high level of instruction while in a positive & accepting environment to support a lifetime love of the arts, its many different forms, and the joy of learning; to support the family unit and encourage a broad base of knowledge & life experiences.


Performances are a fun & frequent part of Laramie Dance & Arts Center! Since summer 2014, LD&A has performed at, and produced, the following events …

CENTER-WIDE ANNUAL RECITALS (FREE & open to the public):

A Most Enchanted Recital, May 2015

Mythology, June 2016

A Night at the Museum, June 2017



Irish Night Fall 2014 (pre Gaelic Storm concert)

Irish Night Spring 2015

Company Night Spring 2015 (Laramie Valley Dancers, Irish, LD&A Beladis/Belly Dance)

Spirit of Spring 2016 (Laramie Valley Dancers, Irish, LD&A Beladis/Belly Dance)

Holiday Show & Non-Profit Fundraising Event, January 2017 (Miss Lexi classes, Irish, Belly Dance, Laramie Valley Dancers, Cheer & Dance Team)

Company Night Spring 2017 (Laramie Valley Dancers, Junior Company, Irish, LD&A Beladis/Belly Dance, Cheer & Dance Team)


FULL-LENGTH ORIGINAL BALLET (Created by Jordyn Brummond):

The Wood Fairy Ballet, December 2015

The Stone Flower Ballet, March 2017


Spotlight Dance Cup (directed by Aubree Jones), April 2016

Irish Individual Competitor Rebecca Lyford (directed by Karagh Murphy), 2015, 2016, 2017

Kiwanis Stars of Tomorrow (Rebecca Lyford), March 2016; Keegan Huston, April 2017


Freedom Has a Birthday 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Laramie Arts Festival 2015

Pop-Up Art Walk Fall 2015, 2016

Laramie Annual Fall & Sweetheart Bridal Events:  2014 – 2016 (Country Swing, Lindy Hop, Fitness, etc.)


Laramie Jubilee Days Parade 2015, 2016, 2017

UW Homecoming Parade 2015, 2016

Downtown Laramie Christmas Parade 2015, 2016

LARAMIE VALLEY DANCERS (Free Dance Company for LD&A Students under the direction of volunteer instructors noted below):

Freedom Has a Birthday 2015, 2016 (Jordyn Brummond & Sierra Johnson), 2017 (Shea Ruggier and self-choreographed by dancers)

Laramie Arts Festival 2015 (Jordyn Brummond)

UW Art Museum Tree Gala, Christmas 2015, 2016 (both by Jordyn Brummond)

Laramie Valley Dancers Company Nights:  Spring 2015, Spirit of Spring 2016 (Instructors Shea Ruggier, Jordyn Brummond, Stephanie Young, Sierra Johnson, Aubree Jones, Alexis Reeder, Choreographer Becky Dill), 2017 (Shea Ruggier, Stephanie Young, Junior Company by Alexis Reeder)

The Wood Fairy Ballet, December 2015 (an original production of Instructor Jordyn Brummond, with assistance by Instructors Sierra Johnson & Stephanie Young and costumes by Beth Brummond)

The Stone Flower Ballet, March 2017 (an original production of Instructor Jordyn Brummond, with costumes by Beth Brummond)

Spotlight Dance Cup, April 2016:  Ruby Award, Judge’s Choice Award for Perfect Professionalism (under the direction of Instructor Aubree Jones)


LD&A BELADIS / BELLY DANCE:  (Under the direction of Instructors Laura Baker, Brandy Brummond and Cassandra Bushman)

UW Indian Culture Event Fall 2014

Mountain Women Hafla Spring 2015, 2016, 2017

Freedom Has a Birthday 2015, 2016, 2017

Laramie Arts Festival August 2015

Laramie Jubilee Days Parade 2015 & 2016

IRISH:  (Under the direction of Instructors Erin Klauk, Karagh Murphy & Sierra Johnson)

Freedom Has a Birthday 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Irish Night Fall 2014

Irish Night Spring 2015, 2016, 2017

Laramie Farmers Market Summer/Fall 2015, 2016

Pop Up Art Walk Fall 2015, 2016

Laramie Arts Festival 2015

Zonta Masquerade Ball Fall 2015

The Calvaryman Steakhouse St. Patrick’s Day Celebration March 2016, 2017

O’Dwyer’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration March 2016

Irish Individual Competitions:  2015, 2016, 2017 (under the direction of Instructor Karagh Murphy)



lkh & Company logo

LKH & Company Active Wear Store — Since Spring 2016

Visit our website & our retail store — in our center, 120 E. Lyon St.

Dance Wear, Shoes & Pointe Shoes; Gymnastics; Figure Skating;  Yoga & Active Wear & More

Visit our website:  LKH&COMPANY.COM



lyricalDress Policy


In order for students to be taught effectively, appropriate attire is important. We are parents and understand that sometimes, everything you own will be dirty or you’ll forget a piece for dance class – we understand! The most important thing is that students can be evaluated by their instructors for technique & safety – clothing that is flexible and not distracting is important.

Visit our store for attire, shoes & more, either online or in our center at 120 E. Lyon St:  LKH & Company


Snowy Range Music Together, Baby & Me:

Comfortable clothing for movement for both adult and child; dance in socks. 

Leotard, tights and ballet slippers (Note: Please no “slipper” type ballet shoes found at discount stores-they are extremely slippery and dangerous!)  For Gentlemen: See attire description at the bottom of this list.

Ballet & Pointe:
Leotard, tights, ballet skirts, flexible shorts or stretchy pants (no sweats or jeans), and ballet slippers. Hair must be securely off of the face in a bun or ponytail/braid, tied back with a headband, scarf or barrettes. For Gentlemen: See attire description at the bottom of this list.

Contemporary, Jazz, Modern & Lyrical
Leotard, tights, flexible shorts, leggings or jazz pants. No bra tops please. Jazz shoes or Dancesneakers. In Modern/Lyrical- Feel free to go barefoot or foot thongs/Minimas/etc.  For Gentlemen: See attire description at the bottom of this list.

Hip Hop
Leotard, tights, leggings, jazz pants or workout pants. T-shirts are acceptable. Comfortable loose clothing may be worn. Knee pads are an option. Jazz shoes, Dancesneakers, or new, never worn sneakers with non-marking soles.  For Gentlemen: See attire description at the bottom of this list.

Tap & Clogging

Leotard, tights, leggings or jazz pants, t-shirts are acceptable. Tap shoes both either class, or clogging shoes for clogging class. For Gentlemen: See attire description at the bottom of this list.


Leotard, tights, leggings, jazz pants, shorts; t-shirts are acceptable. Tap shoes or Irish hard shoes; ballet technique shoes, jazz soft shoes or Irish ghillies. For Gentlemen: See attire description at the bottom of this list.

Ballroom, Latin & Country Dance

Leotard, tights, leggings, skirts, shorts, jazz pants or loose fitting slacks. T-shirts are acceptable. Please no stiletto heels. Clean tennis shoes or boots. Our floors are high-quality dance material, and material brought in from the street will harm them. Thank you for your understanding! For Gentlemen: See attire description at the bottom of this list.

Men and Boys:  Tshirts are acceptable as well as jazz pants, tights, non-baggy pants, workout shorts. Footwear is the same as described above, per class.


Please mark all students’ shoes and dancewear with their names on it- this helps us identify in case of a loss!  

Code of Conduct

Laramie Dance Center provides a positive environment for all students. For the safety & enhancement of all students’ experiences, please adhere to the following codes of conduct:

  1. We will respect all students, and in return, we ask you to please respect your teachers and fellow students.
  2. We expect punctuality and regular attendance. The only way to improve is to show up! Anyone arriving for class more than 15 minutes late may be asked to sit out and watch or make-up the class.
  3. Please maintain a positive attitude – learning anything new can be difficult or stressful, but keep an open mind. Remember that no one is perfect.
  4. Come prepared for class and dress according to what the class description requests. Please no bra tops or improper footwear. Please carry in all shoes and leave street shoes at the door. Our floors are made of highly specialized dance material, and material carried in from the street will damage our floors.
  5. Don’t “act up” in class – maintain self control. Being a show-off or a know-it-all is distracting to the instructor as well as the other students who are there to learn.
  6. No gum chewing. Please keep all food and drink in the lounge. There is no refrigerator onsite for storing perishable foods. Please be aware that many of our students are children with life-threatening food allergies; please keep food containing common allergens that can cause contact reactions (such as peanuts & tree nuts) contained safely with your things. Please clean up after yourself.
  7. Please turn cell phones off or silence them. Personal phone calls and texts are discouraged during class unless it is an emergency. You may leave your phone on the stereo if you’re concerned about its safety in the lounge. Please refrain from checking your phone during class; use breaks or time between classes.
  8. Do not leave class early unless you have previously discussed it with your instructor.
  9. No smoking.
  10. If you have chosen to perform in the end-of-year production, we ask that you please do not miss more than 3 consecutive weeks from March – May, unless you have the instructor’s permission.

If an instructor experiences repeated code of conduct violations, parents will be notified and appropriate actions will be taken.