Laramie Valley Dancers

Laramie Valley Dancers is a company that was formed at the Laramie Dance & Arts Center to provide opportunities for students and teachers of LD&A. Laramie Valley Dancers is a company driven by the teachers of LD&A.  Laramie Valley Dancers is currently a FREE company for students attending one or more classes at LD&A, and the teachers donate their time & expertise!

— Programs & opportunities differ upon age, schedule, what each choreographer is searching for for their particular project, and the dancer’s availability. Agreeing to participate in a Laramie Valley Dancers project takes time dedication outside of class, often times on weekends and evenings. It’s a team project, and dancers who participate need to be sure they can see their commitment through for the benefit of the whole team. There is never an expectation or pressure to join a project, and participation is only designed to be a benefit to all in terms of learning and solidifying new skills and gaining more performance experience! Please contact us with any questions about Laramie Valley Dancer opportunities!


— Also, for ages 6-10, we have Junior Company!  Introduced in Winter/Spring 2017 under Alexis Reeder, Junior Company incorporated an extra class + performance prep. We’re hoping to include it in 2018-2019!

See the About Us page for a list of Laramie Valley Dancers performances

Jordyn Brummond’s Full Length Ballets …


The Wood Fairy Ballet, December 18 and 19th, 2015

Click below to see some fun videos about the Wood Fairy Ballet

Video 1  | Video 2

Wood Fairy Ballet Poster

The Stone Flower Ballet, March 2017!

See some fun videos from The Stone Flower …

Video 1    |    Video 2

The Buried Moon Ballet, May 2018!