LDC Pointe Academy


Laramie Dance & Arts Center’s Pointe Academy is for ballet students who are prepared to move into the exciting study of pointe!

— Students must have the approval of LD&A’s ballet instructors in regards to strength and ability to begin pointe. Pointe is a very rewarding, yet structurally challenging form of dance. It requires the body to move in new and unique ways, and the dancer’s body, especially his/her feet, must be ready for the challenge. Therefore it is crucial that dancers & their parents/guardians walk, not run, into the study of pointe. Many dancers are a minimum of 10 years old before they begin pointe; however, this is individual to each dancer. Evaluation must be performed by LD&A’s pointe instructors prior to beginning class.

— Our pointe classes are currently smaller sized, which means lots of extra attention for your dancer!

— Our pointe instructors have years of experience & study in the art of pointe, and will evaluate your dancer’s physical status and abilities. It is crucial that parents/guardians and dancers be understanding and flexible with the study of pointe, for the dancers’ safety primarily. It is a lifelong learning process, and must not be rushed. Prepointe dancers are also welcome to join our Pointe 1 class!

— Pointe students must enroll in two weekly classes:  ballet technique at their appropriate level and a pointe technique class at their appropriate level. LD&A Pointe Academy students must attend Dance Conditioning classes when they are offered. (Please note that for adult dancers, our pointe classes are multi-age, meaning tweens, teens and adults.) Graduation to upper levels occurs with instructor recommendation. The goal of LD&A’s Pointe Academy is to advance the student responsibly and safely with the highest emphasis on instruction in the art and technique of pointe. The goal is to educate the whole dancer physically and artistically to nurture a lifetime love of dance.

A Note about Pointe Study …

We take pointe very seriously at LD&A. As parents ourselves, we want to see our pointe dancers treating their bodies well for the lifetime of use ahead of them. We cherish the artistry of pointe, and have enjoyed watching our own child grow in it; and we know that safety must come first and foremost. Sometimes students will need to work harder on certain base level skills, and this can lead to frustration; however, our instructors work with students on these things to be sure that they are safe and treating their bodies well. Thank you for joining with us in supporting your dancer’s future both as an artist and as a young person with a lifetime of  experiences ahead of them! — Levi & Kati Hime, LD&A Owners