Jordyn Brummond

Beginning Ballet, Pointe 1, Pointe 3/4, Lyrical + Contemporary Ballet, Modern (and much more …)

Jordyn is a Laramie native, growing up in Laramie Dance Center and studying with the University of Wyoming’s dance program. She has participated in the Snowy Range Summer Dance Festival as well as many productions of UW and LDC through the year, and works tirelessly year-round,  volunteering her time with LD&A’s Laramie Valley Dancers program. Jordyn is preparing her third original, full length ballet to be performed by the Laramie Valley Dancers at LD&A Center. Her tasks including story line, character and plot development, audition orchestration & selections, original choreography, and the instructing and rehearsal time designed to compile the production. It’s an impressive, multi-month process. Her mother, Beth Brummond, is an incredible costume creator & seamstress, and together the two donate hundreds of hours creating beautiful, original costumes our dancers are blessed to wear. Her original ballet production resume includes The Wood Fairy Ballet (2015) and The Stone Flower Ballet (2016). Jordyn is also one of our teachers who takes time to mentor our dancers, reaching many on a level that combines personal growth + dance. We appreciate Jordyn’s leadership and talent so much, and joke about her growing ‘cult following’ that she has among dancers at LD&A!