Laura Baker

Belly Dance

Laura hails from the Boulder, Colorado dance community; formerly in the dance troupe of Gunbarrel Naval Gazers. While in the dance troupe, Laura performed at street fairs, the Boulder Outdoor Theater, and the astrological temple. Laura began her dance career when trying to find a fun way to lose baby weight and get back in shape. She studied Middle Eastern Dance under Taya Matoy for several years and then was asked to teach at ESC for the Arts in Boulder. While belly dance is not Laura’s day job, she often wishes it could be. She finds the creative outlet wonderful and often says when teaching ‘…Belly Dance is great because you get cool dress up costumes, giggle a lot, and get great abs to boot.’ Come join Laura’s class and learn to shimmy and giggle at the same time. Perfect for young and old. Middle Eastern Dance is designed for the woman’s form. We greatly appreciate Laura’s time & dedication to helping with choreography & preparations for the annual Mountain Women Belly Dance Hafla and other performance opportunities throughout the year in Laramie!