Recital 2019 Picture Schedule

What to wear for costumes: Costume (bringing in & changing is preferable but you can wear it in if that is more convenient!), Tights if applicable (pink for predance & ballet/jazz), Hair pulled back or up (does not have to be styled as indicated for recital), Bows for cheer, Basic Makeup (blush, light eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick/gloss)

Do I have to buy a picture? There is NO obligation to buy pictures. We will take a group class shot of everyone present, and we hope everyone can attend. We will take a class picture regardless of whether individuals want to buy pictures. This is also an opportunity to purchase an individual picture of your dancer. Individual pictures are taken ONLY if you pre-purchase one. We have pre-purchase envelopes at the studio for picture day (you may have already brought one home), and Anne and/or Leslie from Ludwig Photography will be on hand to collect order envelopes and payments. If you’ve lost your envelope that came home (or didn’t receive one), no worries – we have lots of extras!

Monday, May 20:

Monday Predance 10 am

Monday Upper Ballet 1 4:30 pm

Monday Ballet/Jazz 1 5:30 pm

Tuesday, May 21:

Tuesday Beginning Tap 4:30 pm (after Upper Tap)

Tuesday Upper Tap 4:30 pm (before Beginning Tap)

Wednesday, May 22:

Wednesday Ballet/Jazz 3 4:30 pm

Wednesday Predance 5:30 pm (before Ballet/Jazz 2)

Wednesday Ballet/Jazz 2 5:30 pm (after Predance)

Thursday, May 23:

Monday Hip Hop/Jazz 3:30 pm

Monday Cheer 4:00 pm

Tuesday Irish 2 4:30 pm

Wednesday Irish 1 (if desired) 5:00 pm

Thursday Ballet/Jazz 1 5:30 pm

Other single pictures for younger dancers in classes noted below (if desired, please contact us ASAP to schedule) 6:00 pm on …

Classes doing a picture at recital :

Monday Adult Beginning Ballet, Monday Pointe 1/2

Tuesday Irish 3, Tuesday Lyrical, Tuesday Pointe 3/4

Wednesday Upper Ballet 2

Wednesday Belly Dance

Thursday Ali Ballet

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