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As many already know, we are in temporary locations for Laramie Dance Center. One of our temporary locations (and where the office is located) is in the Benchmark Building, 1050 N. 3rd Street, Suite F. (Across from O’Reilly Auto Parts on North 3rd Street) This location has a smaller studio, with Marley covered floors, mirrors and barres. It will be the home for a variety of our classes (under ‘Schedule 1’ on our fall schedule page) and our Music Together classes.

The schedule that says ‘Studio 2 – TBA’ on our fall schedule page is for classes that are held at alternate locations temporarily. These are places that can better handle the size and needs of individual classes such as pointe, Irish, etc. We are working on solidifying those locations currently. Between the schedules of many facilities and other groups in town, we will have to do some juggling – but we are going to make it all come together and we will keep everyone informed! Our focus will ALWAYS be on communication and strength of instruction.


As we’ve said, this is a temporary situation. Our  negotiations on the 213 S. 2nd St. location did not go as everyone hoped, and we are having to operate out of temporary locations until it is settled. At this point, we cannot answer where our permanent location will be, but we have plans for the future no matter how things are settled. We have hopes & aspirations for the future, and whether they happen now or in a little while, we are going to make Laramie Dance Center a positive, strong program for all dancers and their families, as well as our awesome teachers!


What we’re requesting from our Awesome Clients…

Please know that we’re here and will continue to be here. We’re interested in your feedback and suggestions. Temporary locations are a jigsaw puzzle of many factors, just a few of which include size, floor type, willingness of the facility to house our dance types (such as tap shoes on floors), availability, and price. We’re open to ANY suggestions from the community!

Please know that our teachers are amazing, the instruction is solid, and the future is bright. This is only temporary – and we are excited for it to be settled, but we’re just going to have to be patient ourselves. We appreciate your patience right along with us.


HOW temporary is ‘temporary?’  We’re hoping for just a few months. How many months exactly? We’re unable to answer that. So far we’re setting up for 2-3 months – we’ll keep everyone updated along the way!


Thank you so much for your patronage and continued support of LDC. Our goal is a strong program comprised of awesome teachers, strong instruction, excited dancers of all ages, and helping instill a love of dance and music for all involved. We’re excited to have you dance with us!


Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions — 307.742.6767 or owner@laramiedancecenter.com.


Thanks again,


Levi & Kati Hime

Owners, Laramie Dance Center

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