Tights & Hair Instructions for Recital!

Just in case your teachers haven’t already told you, here are tights & hair instructions for dress rehearsal May 1 and recital May 3… We *will* have tights available to purchase, so let the Himes know what you need ASAP! owner@laramiedancecenter.com or 742.6767!

MISS MEGHAN’S CLASSES — Monday Morning PreDance, Wednesday Basic PreDance, Wednesday Morning Beginning Ballet 1:  pink tights, hair in bun

MISS BRITTANY’S CLASSES — Monday Beginning Ballet 3: pink tights, high slicked back bun;  Tuesday & Wednesday Jazz/Modern:  black tall socks under your pants, no shoes, optional black leo or tank top under shirt if desired, clean pony tail

MISS JULIA’S CLASS — Monday Pointe 2:  pink tights, hair in bun with no part

IRISH (ERIN & MISS SIERRA’S CLASSES) — black tights if needed (for those not wearing pants), hair down & off face/half up

MISS SIERRA’S TAP CLASS — black tights for under tutus, hair away from face (may be bun, half-up, pony, etc.)

MISS AUBREE’S CLASSES — Tuesday Beginning Ballet 2, Wednesday Beginning Ballet 1, Thursday PreDance:  pink tights, hair in bun

MISS CEIRA’S CLASSES — Tuesday Intermediate Ballet 1&2, Thursday Intermediate Ballet 3:  pink tights, hair in high OR low bun

JORDYN’S CLASSES — Wednesday Adult Beginning Ballet: slicked back ballet buns, pink tights; Friday Lyrical: nude tights, hair down but out of face

ALI’S CLASSES — Wednesday Intermediate/Advanced Adult Ballet:  pink ballet shoes, pink tights, high buns

MISS STEPHANIE’S CLASSES — Thursday Kids Hip Hop:  hair to fit under hood; Teen Hip Hop:  braids for ears; Sassy Hip Hop: hair down with bangs back

MISS LORA’S CLASSES — Wednesday Advanced Tap: black tights, hair curled; Saturday PreDance Mix: white tights, hair down in curls


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