A Most Enchanted Recital 2015 Prep!

LVD April Recital May poster

*Many Updates!

#1 — You Are Invited…THIS FRIDAY! Laramie Valley Dancers & Guests Company Show! (FREE!)

THIS Friday, April 10, 6:30 PM Gryphon Theatre, Civic Center

Our new performance company is for ages 7+, by audition, and our dancers have been hard at work! Come cheer them on & be inspired for your future in dance! Performance company is free, but all members must be in at least one dance class at Laramie Dance & Arts Center.

#2 – A Most Enchanted Recital… Getting closer! Sunday, May 3, 3:30 PM; Rehearsal Friday, May 1, 5:30 PM (Our recital is FREE for parents & everyone to attend – please invite & share & hang a poster if you can help!)

#2A — Costume orders will be complete this week (thank you Kendal & Kirsten!) – Please pay for your costume (previous arrangements excluded) by Friday! We’ll need parent volunteers – email owner@laramiedancecenter.com or put a note in the pay box if you can help!

#3 — SUMMER CLASSES!! We have SO MUCH EXCITEMENT planned for this summer, and our schedule includes both weekly classes AND workshops. We’re also excited to report we have NEW performing & art programs coming! Stay tuned!

FIRST Workshop — Julia’s Pointe & Prepointe Workshop! The week of June 1,,, join Julia Cooper (our fabulous Pointe 2 instructor in Pointe Academy, and the Snow Queen in the 2014 UW Nutcracker production!) to learn about pointe prep, stretches, body mechanics and of course brush up on your ballet… A week of exploration & indepth study!

#4 — MUSIC TOGETHER began this week! Sign up if you haven’t already! T&W mornings, 10-10:45 AM!

#5 — We’d LOVE poster hanging help! Can you take one for your office/break room/favorite shop? Please ask your teacher for one!


Thanks everyone! Levi & Kati

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