Laramie Valley Dancers Company Show!

New Logo 2015

Our NEW Name!! Ā Laramie Dance & Arts Center — and check out our new logo!

Our new performance company, Laramie Valley Dancers, are planning their first company show on April 10! It’s FREE to attend, and we’d love to see a great crowd to support our dancers as they learn about performance art! Thank you to our FABULOUS teachers, Jordyn Brummond, Sierra Johnson & Aubree Jones, who have taken on the task of choreography, rehearsals, and putting together our event!

Besides Laramie Valley Dancers, we’re welcoming our Belly Dance class, headed by the very talented & charismatic Laura Baker, and we’re gathering soloists as well from all of our programs! If you’re a student or teacher at LD&A Center and would like to perform, please let us know right away as we want to include YOU!

Performance details – and please help us out by sharing our Facebook event page!

Friday, April 10

6:30 PM

Gryphon Theater, Laramie Plains Civic Center

FREE to attend! Please invite your friends & family to come cheer on our performers! Click the gigantic icon… šŸ™‚

Click HERE to connect with our Facebook event page!

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Facebook event page – please invite & share the love! <3


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