We are very excited to introduce you to the teachers at Laramie Dance Center this school year! Be sure to check our blog page for more teacher profiles… We are so blessed to work with such talented teachers, both in summer 2014 and in the school year!


Kayla Sherrodd is a new teacher at LDC this year! We’re excited to have Kayla onboard, where she is teaching our Saturday morning Ballet 1 classes! See the bottom of this post for her class times and links!

When did you start dancing? I started dancing when I was three years old

What is your favorite style of dance? My favorite type of dance is ballet, because I feel that ballet is the foundation for most forms of dance. I feel that there is a deep kinesthetic empathy developed through most dance forms, and I experience this mostly with ballet.

What is your favorite ballet or other performance? My favorite ballet is George Balanchine’s Serenade. I especially love how there is no distinct plot, but a story is evolved through choreography and music.

What’s your favorite costume you’ve worn? My favorite costume was this white tutu that I wore for my very first performance on pointe.

What’s your favorite TV show? My all-time, forever favorite is definitely FRIENDS, but currently I’m obsessed with Zooey Deschanel in New Girl.

What are your favorite movies? My favorite movies are probably Peter Pan and Frozen.

Who is your favorite cartoon character? My favorite cartoon character is Olaf from Frozen.


Want to take one of Kayla’s classes? Check out her schedule:

Saturday morning Beginning Ballet 1:  9-9:45 AM

Saturday morning Beginning Ballet 1:  10-10:45 AM

Register Online for Classes!  CLICK HERE


See Our Fall Schedule!  CLICK HERE


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