We are very excited to introduce you to the teachers at Laramie Dance Center this school year! Be sure to check our blog page for more teacher profiles… We are so blessed to work with such talented teachers, both in summer 2014 and in the school year!

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Lindsey Carter is a new teacher at LDC this year! Lindsey is originally from Gillette, Wyoming and will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from the University of Wyoming in December 2014; she’ll complete her Secondary Education Bachelor of Arts degree with a concurrent major in English in May 2015. We’re excited to have Lindsey onboard, where she’ll be teaching our morning Adult Ballet, Adult Jazz, morning PreDance Mix, Ballet 1, Saturday Family Yoga and Friday Dance Conditioning classes! See the bottom of this post for her class times and links!


When did you start dancing? At age 4 in Gillette, WY.

What is your favorite style of dance? Definitely contemporary or jazz, though I’ve always had a love for the structure and precision of ballet.

What is your favorite ballet or other performance? Giselle is my favorite ballet, but my favorite live performance I’ve ever seen was Cacti from Nederlands Dans Theatre.

What is your teaching philosophy? I truly aspire to find a balance between the discipline and technique of dance as it fits with enjoyment. Through motion, we learn about ourselves as naturally locomotive beings; if movement becomes tedious to students, their growth as dancers and as humans is jeopardized. Dance should simply have an element of fun for everyone.

What is your plan for the future? As of right now, I’m planning to graduate with my degree in Dance in December 2014 and student teach to finish my degree in Secondary Education English during the Spring of 2015. From there, I’m considering auditioning for a variety of companies throughout the country and possibly abroad. We’ll see! If not, I will definitely continue to teach, either dance or English in schools (or both!).

What’s your favorite food? My go-to comfort food is cereal: give me a bowl of Cinnamon Life and I’m so happy!

What’s your favorite TV show? My all-time, forever favorite is definitely FRIENDS, but currently I’m obsessed with Zooey Deschanel in New Girl.

If you could travel to any place on earth, where would it be? I lovvvve to travel, and I’m hoping my text stop will be Greece! I can’t stop looking at photos of the beautiful white and blue houses built into the sides of cliffs overlooking the water!

Who was your favorite dance teacher? When I studied abroad in London, I took class every Monday from Mandy Montanez. She was wonderful! Her contemporary style was so unique and interesting, and I instantly gravitated toward her. Look her up: she was on the London version of So You Think You Can Dance!



Want to take one of Lindsey’s classes? Check out her schedule:

Monday Adult Ballet:  10-11 AM

Monday Kids PreDance Mix:  11-11:45 AM

Wednesday Adult Jazz:  10-11 AM

Wednesday Kids Beginning Ballet 1:  11-11:45 AM

Friday Dance Conditioning:  4:25 – 5:10 PM (This is a fascinating and wonderful class for our older kids, teen and adult dancers!)

Saturday Kids Beginning Ballet 1:  10-10:45 AM

Saturday Family Yoga:  11 AM – Noon


Register Online for Classes!  CLICK HERE

See Our Fall Schedule!  CLICK HERE


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