A Night at the Museum 2017: Hair & Makeup by Class

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Stage Makeup for ALL Classes:

Optional:  foundation, eye liner, a light dusting of facial glitter, brow wax, highlighter, contour

Requested:  powder, eyeshadow (neutral, bronze & gold tones work best; avoid bright colors like pink & blue), mascara, blush, pigmented lip gloss or lipstick (pinks or reds)

*We do have additional hair supplies & makeup available for touch-ups if needed, but please come with makeup done! If you require assistance with makeup, we can schedule you time early to meet with someone at the rehearsal & recital. Please let us know early – this is not something we can have brought to us on rehearsal/recital day and make it go smoothly for your dancer. We can help best when everyone plans ahead and makes an appointment at the event. Thank you for your help!


Hair Instructions:

*Don’t ever stress about hair prep! If hair skills are not your forte, please let us know and we’ll help you make a plan to have it done early at rehearsal & recital. We will definitely need to know ahead of time so that we can arrange a plan for you to come early and who will help you – that is not something we can have brought to us on rehearsal/recital day and make it go smoothly for your dancer. Thanks for your help!


Monday PreDance — curly pigtails with red barrettes (we’ll have red barrettes for you at dress rehearsal)

Monday Ballet/Jazz 2 — high buns with red head scarves (we’ll have red head scarves for you at dress rehearsal)

Monday Ballet/Jazz 1 — curly half-ponytail with rosette barrette (we’ll have rosette barrette for you at dress rehearsal)

Monday Kids Hip Hop (5:00) — braided hair, out of face

Monday Teen Hip Hop (4:00) — high ponytails, out of face

Monday Belly Dance — use hair you did for Hafla – no stipulations from Laura 🙂

Monday Adult Ballet —  pigtails & red nose


Tuesday Cheer — high ponytail with bow as Bailey pictured (if you need picture sent to you, shoot our Facebook dance center page a message!)

Tuesday Irish 1&2 — half-ponytail, curly if you wish (out of face)

Tuesday Irish 3 — half-ponytail, curly if you wish (out of face)

Tuesday Ballet/Jazz 1 — high bun with silver barrette (we’ll have silver barrette for you on Tuesday for pictures)

Tuesday Lyrical — hair out of face (you can choose)

Tuesday Upper Ballet — high buns


Wednesday Intermediate Tap — hair out of face:  braids or pony tail okay (you can choose!)

Wednesday Advanced Tap — half or full pony tail (you can choose)

Wednesday Ballet/Jazz 3 — high buns (Shea reminds you to use lots of bobby pins & hairspray!), pearl or round clear stud earrings, if you desire earrings (per Shea)

Wednesday Advanced Ballet w/Ali — high buns

Wednesday Predance — curly ponytail with black barrette (we will have black barrette for you on Wednesday night for pictures)

Wednesday Pointe 1 — high buns

Wednesday modern — ponytails


Thursday Pointe 2 — high buns

Thursday Ballet/Jazz 1 — high buns with blue barrette (we’ll have blue barrettes on Thursday for pictures)

Thursday Upper Ballet — high buns

Thursday Beginning Tap — curls & out of face (ponytail or half-ponytail)

Thursday Pointe 3/4 — slicked back ponytail


Saturday Baby Ballet — out of face (you choose!) Since they’re wearing a hood, you won’t be able to see a lot of hair detail, so please don’t feel obligated to do something extra special with curls 🙂









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