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We’ve known Aubree for years now, ever since she started in Job’s Daughters… We first met Aubree when she was 11, I believe, and now she’s going to be TEACHING for us! I’m so excited!

Aubree is teaching Pre-Dance Mix, Kids Beginning Ballet 1 and 2 this fall. We’re so excited to have her working with many of the little dancers at Laramie Dance Center! We are sending all of our teachers a little interview to help get to know them better… Read on to meet Aubree Jones…

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When did you start dancing? I began dancing at the age of three at Rising Star Tumbling and Dance Studio in Casper, WY. I’ve also danced at Rocky Mountain School of Dance in Casper and 28th Avenue Dance Studio in Torrington, WY.

What is your favorite kind of dance? I love, love, love jazz. I also really love to do ballet, ballroom, and African.

What is your teaching philosophy? I believe in assisting each student in discovering who they are through art and movement so they can foster their own ideas and opinions. I find the differences between each individual fascinating and believe in accepting and respecting diversity.

What is your favorite ballet? I love The Firebird, but The Nutcracker by every company is set to record on my DVR every Christmas Season, so I guess you could say I love that one, too!

What’s your favorite Disney Character? Okay, I just love Disney in general. I’m borderline obsessed. I love Pocahontas. She’s probably my favorite.

What is your favorite kind of pizza? Hawaiian…without the cherries! I also love a good ol’ pepperoni pizza, too. 

If you could try any type of dance that you’ve never tried, what would it be and why? Vertical, but I’m afraid of heights. It looks so awesome and graceful and who wouldn’t want to dance with a harness on?!


Aubree is teaching the following classes at the following times for fall of 2014…

Tuesday, 5:20-6:05 — Kids Beginning Ballet 2

Wednesday, 5:20-6:05 — Kids Beginning Ballet 1

Thursday, 5:20-6:05 — Kids Pre-Dance Mix



Register for our school year classes online at , or by calling 307-742-6767! CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 2!



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