Meet Our Teachers: Julia Cooper

We are very excited to introduce you the teachers at Laramie Dance Center this school year! Be sure to check our blog page for more teacher profiles … We are so blessed to work with such talented teachers, both in summer 2014 and in the school year!

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Julia Cooper is a new teacher at LDC this year! Let me tell you, she came HIGHLY recommended from Sutton & Rachael, two of our FABULOUS LDC teacher alums – they were so excited to share Julia’s talent in ballet! Julia will be working with our LDC Pointe Academy – check out the bottom of the blog post here for her class times!


When did you start dancing?  4 years old

What’s your favorite kind of dance? Contemporary ballet (or just ballet)

What’s your teaching philosophy? Finding the joy and love of the art is above all the most important. Dance is a challenging field that requires hard work, dedication, and a great deal of love. I also believe in working safely for one’s own body. Although it is important to challenge and push oneself, a dancer’s body must come first. 

What is your favorite ballet? Giselle

What are your goals for the future? To dance full time with a contemporary ballet company

What is your favorite music to crank in the car? Beyonce

What is your favorite cartoon character & why? Minnie Mouse, because she is sweet and super cute. She is nice to all, but she can also stand up for herself when she needs to.

What type of dance would you like to try? Ballroom dance. I have always loved how smooth and organized ballroom dancing looks. Everyone looks so elegant and pretty. Plus if I get to wear a really big dress, it would make everything perfect. 🙂

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Julia is teaching in our LDC Pointe Academy in 2014-2015! This fall, her classes are Kids & Adult Pointe 2 and Kids & Adult Pointe 3…

Kids & Adult Pointe 2:  Monday, 4:25-5:10

Kids & Adult Pointe 2:  Monday, 5:20-6:05

Click here and visit our website to see the full fall schedule!

Register online by clicking here — or call 307.742.6767 for questions or to register via phone!

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