MEET OUR TEACHERS: Brittany Mohler

We are very excited to introduce you to the teachers at Laramie Dance Center this school year! Be sure to check our blog page for more teacher profiles … We are so blessed to work with such talented teachers, both in summer 2014 and in the school year!

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Brittany Mohler is a new teacher at LDC this year! Brittany’s enthusiasm is contagious – we’re so excited to have her working with our students! Brittany will be teaching Beginning Ballet 3, Children’s Modern & Contemporary and Teen/Adult Modern & Contemporary! Check out the bottom of the blog post here for her class times!


When did you start dancing?  I started dancing when I was three!

What is your favorite kind of dance?  My favorite styles are lyrical and jazz.

What is your teaching philosophy? 

My main goal as a teacher is to share with my students my love for dance. I believe that sharing this passion creates committed dancers and an environment, in and out of the classroom, for teachers and students to share in the art form. As a teacher I want to be able to assist and reach out to all my students in the best way possible for them. I want to create a safe environment for my students where I can share my passion for dance with them and also train them to take care of themselves to the best of their ability. I want dance to be an outlet for them that is going to satisfy their physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs while becoming both an accomplished athlete and artist, because I believe dance has the power to do just that.

What is your favorite performance you’ve been in?  ​I have two that stick out in my mind…The first was performing vertical dance out at Vedauwoo last summer in Poetry in Motion. The second was performing in Carmina Burana at UW last fall.

​What are your plans for the future?  I will graduate from UW with a degree in dance performance in December of 2015. After that I plan to audition for contemporary jazz companies and continue to teach!

What’s your favroite flavor of ice cream?  Cookie dough. Definitely.

If you were a super hero, what would be your super power and why?  I would want the ability to make a cupcake appear out of nowhere because that would stop any bad guy. No one can be mad when they have a cupcake. And I love cupcakes. 🙂

What was your favorite dance costume you’ve worn?  ​One of my favorites was a long green dress that I wore for a recital dance to a song called Woman’s Work. It is probably one of my favorite dances I have ever done.

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Brittany is teaching Beginning Ballet 3, Kids’ Modern & Contemporary and Teen/Adult Modern & Contemporary in 2014-2015! This fall, her classes fall on…

Beginning Ballet 3:  Monday, 4:25-5:10

Teen/Adult Modern & Contemporary:  Monday, 5:20-6:15

Kids Modern & Contemporary:  Wednesday, 4:25-5:10


Click here and visit our website to see the full fall schedule!

Register online by clicking here — or call 307.742.6767 for questions or to register via phone!

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