We are very excited to introduce you to the teachers at Laramie Dance Center this school year! Be sure to check our blog page for more teacher profiles … We are so blessed to work with such talented teachers, both in summer 2014 and in the school year!


Lora Sherrodd is a new teacher at LDC this year – but she’s not new to LDC! Lora graced the annual recital stage for many years with her tap talents! Lora will be teaching Kids Intermediate & Advanced Tap this year! Check out the bottom of the blog post here for her class times!


When did you start dancing? I started dancing when I was four.

What’s your favorite style of dance? My favorite type of dance is tap dancing because I like to experiment with syncopation.

Who’s your favorite dancer? My favorite tap dancer is Fred Astaire because he has done so much rhythmically with tap dance and I think that he really understands the art.

What’s your favorite type of ice cream? My favorite type of ice cream is pistachio ice cream.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?  If I were a crayon, I would be a blue crayon because blue is my favorite color.
What was your favorite dance costume you ever wore? My favorite costume I have ever worn was a pancake tutu. I had always wanted to wear one when I was little but I was told that the older girls in my studio got to wear them.
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Lora is teaching Kids Intermediate/Advanced Tap in 2014-2015! This fall, her classes fall on Wednesday from 3:30-4:15!


Click here and visit our website to see the full fall schedule!

Register online by clicking here — or call 307.742.6767 for questions or to register via phone!

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