Check-in/out & Green Room info: Recital 2019, Periodic Table

To help us keep all dancers safe & accounted for, please help us with these guidelines …

  • Sign in & out:  This is crucial. There will be a sign in & out for EACH day, Friday 5/31 & Saturday 6/01. We’ll need the name of the person dropping off, an emergency contact name & number, etc. Please be sure to sign your dancer both in and out. If you have older dancers/teenagers who you are okay with signing out for themselves, please let us know in writing before our event (email, Facebook message, text to Kati, etc.). We do prefer to have children in the green rooms versus the audience as it’s easier to keep the flow of acts moving when all are in one place. We will have dedicated green room staff, and they will be facilitating bathroom breaks in groups. If your child is nervous about being left, we totally understand – we welcome parents in the green room. Dancers are taken from green room to backstage in the acts before theirs, which can give you time to make it out to the audience to catch your child’s performance. Please reach out ahead of time if this applies to your child! We prefer to have dancers signed out at intermission time only please. If you’re a second act performer and your child wants to sit with you through the first act, that’s fine! Please let us know ahead of time.
  • Medical Forms:  If you have a child with a medical condition, food allergy, etc., please fill out an emergency action plan form either before or at Friday night’s rehearsal. (We can get you a form ahead of time!) We’ll need to know emergency contacts, signs/symptoms they may experience, and your preferred plan of action in the case of emergency. We’re parents of allergic kids, so we’re happy to help if you have questions!
  • Food/Drink/Personal items in green room:  Your child may bring food/drink into the green room, but please avoid any common contact allergens (peanuts/tree nuts, bananas, avocado are a few that come to mind), no sticky food or things that can be spilled & stain, and please only send water for drinks. We do not have a refrigerator on site, so please plan accordingly for any food that needs chilled. Please label all your personal items, including shoes. Using a labeled bag from home for all your gear will most effectively help us get lost & found items back to their rightful owners. Please do not send expensive electronics or other entertainment devices as we are not responsible for anything lost/stolen in green rooms. Please help your dancer(s) find a spot for their gear and encourage them to leave it all together in that space.
  • Behavior in green room:  Please remind your children that we all have to work together in the green rooms to make our event a success. These are decent sized rooms, but they are still enclosed spaces and we need to treat others and the space with respect. It includes but isn’t limited to:  no jumping off of or climbing on risers; no mistreating other students physically or verbally; no outside voices; treat the LHS property with respect; listen to green room attendees, dance teachers and recital runners; stay inside the green room and leave only when escorted by a green room attendee or another dance center employee, etc. (Good rule of thumb – if it seems like a parent would say no, don’t do it!) 😉

Thank you for helping us in our green room policies! 🙂

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