RECITAL ETIQUETTE, FLOWERS, etc.: 2019 Periodic Table

How do recitals work? Great question! Here are some tips about recital etiquette …

  • Cost: Our recital is FREE to attend, which is very important to us because we want you to enjoy your child’s performance and invite as many as you’d like! Our dancers love to perform to a full audience, so please invite, invite, invite & enjoy! (We have an event page on Facebook to help make invites easier — here’s the link:
  • Please Enjoy the Entire Show! Our dance center is a diverse group of classes and performers and we hope that you’ll stay for the entire show. Our second act dancers appreciate your presence just as much as the first. We try to keep the show moving along at a good clip, and with the diversity in our classes, it’s always an entertaining time. If you have a first act dancer, please check them out at intermission and have them join you to watch the show! It is exciting for dancers to see older performers!
  • Photos & Video: You’re welcome to take pictures & video, but we do require NO flash please. It comes onstage as a bright, sudden light and can be disorienting and dangerous to performers. If you take your own photos and/or video, please remember those seated around you and watch for any views you may be blocking if you move into the aisle and/or hold up your device to get a better view. We do not have the luxury of a videographer this year (darn it!), but we are going to set up a makeshift video of the event ourselves and will have information on inexpensive copies. It won’t be fancy, but it will be an option! 🙂
  • Leaving/Entering the Auditorium: It’s polite to leave or enter the auditorium between pieces. It’s surprising, but true – the light from a doorway can be seen from stage and distracting to the audience. Of course, crying children & emergencies happen! But if you can, please exit/enter between pieces.
  • Please no food/drink in the auditorium: We’re SO fortunate to have Albany County School District and Laramie High School’s activities and musical theater & tech departments support our performances so heartily. Our auditorium at LHS is a beautiful facility for our community! Mr. Hancey and his LHS student tech crew are amazing and also, high school students. We’re very impressed by all they do. Please do respect their space and leave your food/drink outside the auditorium. If you’d be so kind as to remove your trash when you leave, we’d appreciate it! 🙂
  • Flowers: Flowers are a very traditional gift for dancers after a performance! In the lobby, we’ll celebrate the end of a beautiful year with the audience. That’s a fantastic time for flowers. The Wild Rose is again available for wrapped presentation bouquets – they will NOT be available for pick up/sale on site this year, they must be picked up at their shop during their business hours (9-12 pm). Questions on rates, options, etc.? Call Michelle at 742.7616.

We’re sooooo excited for the big day!!! 😀

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